What Pawrents say ?


Waggle saved my dogs lives. A few days ago ash and I were talking about wanting to find some kind of thermometer that would alert us if the temp in our camper got too hot while we were at work. We've lived in the camper over 2 years and never had any issues, but we've also never been somewhere this hot for this long and our ac has been putting in some serious work. We know how hot campers get inside with no ac, that's how every camper on our lot is and it's like a heat wall when you walk in. Instant sauna where the 95 degrees outside feels cooler than being inside. Our Waggle thermometer arrived yesterday and we installed it, giving us a little peace of mind. Around 6pm today we started getting alerts from the app that the temperature was over 80 and rising. 4 degrees every 15 minutes. At 7, we usually stay late to finish up all our tasks and follow up, but we quickly clocked out and sped home, knowing something was wrong. We got here and a group of our neighbors were all around our camper, telling us as we got out of the car that a transformer had blown an hour ago and they had been trying to call our work to let us know because they were worried about the dogs. Thank goodness for our Waggle Pets thermometer we literally got yesterday! Thank goodness for concerned neighbors too! Even though the power is still out and the whole park is hanging out sweating outside, I definitely have a peace of mind knowing that if something did happen, our dogs are being looked out for.

Ashley Erin Kennedy


I got mine today and got it connected. Pretty easy and I sure hope once I learn to trust it I will have peace of mind that my pups are safe in the RV when we leave them.

Sandi Gibson


Love mine on my sailboat while it’s at dock . Last summer it went off so I rushed back to my boat to find breaker had flipped off and A/C shut down. My pup would have has heat stoke if not for my Waggle RV/Boat /Car monitoring.
Lilly thanks you. Boat Dog !

Carolyn Payne


Worked as advertised. Easy setup and the cell connection works great for $20/month. App is stable and easy to use.



Keeping my pup nice and comfortable,Great unit, alerts me when temp is out of range. Must have for people in RVs with pets!

Samantha Whitney


If you're looking for a way to make sure your pet and yourself are in safe temps, this is the way to go. I can be anywhere and know my pup is safe and even if I'm with her, I can make sure we're safe just by one click. Y'all are lifesavers!

Kristen Winburn


Great for camping and when we need to leave our dog in the RV. Let's us know when power goes out and it goes on battery in addition to the temp and humidity.

Chuck Ryn


very helpful while traveling with my dogs. I like that it let's me know immediately when it goes to battery, that way I know if the generator has gone off.

Ronna Combs


Works as advertised. Monitor the temperature when traveling from any smart phone. Alerts can be customized for maximum and minimum temperatures. Easy to set up, automatically starts sending once unit is charged.

Ian Bullock


Simple and effective, well worth the money for peace of mind that our pets are safe while away from the RV.

Alicia Roarks


This device performs exactly as described. We worry less about our dog now that we have this monitor.



Works great! We have show rabbits and had an incident where the electricity went out and we lost several due to the TX heat. I didnt want this to happen again so we bought this system. We were in South Carolina on a trip and I would get alerts when the temperture got to high so i could have my kids.

April Chardt


Peace of mind when out and about knowing that I'll be alerted to a power failure shutting down the A/C in summer or if the temp behind to climb to high. Best thing ever. Now it needs a bark detection feature too. Lol

Nate Daniels


Let me preface this with we live in AZ. We purchased a new home and it is being built. We work 7-5pm everyday. We are living in our 21 foot travel trailer with 4 dogs, 3 are small mixes and the 4th a lab. We went to multiple dealerships searching for an answer to our uneasiness we were feeling while leaving the dogs in the camper. It is the summer and my husband and I have been freaking out about the condition inside our trailer while we were not home. We received this last friday. I downloaded the app and started installing and getting to know the app. It is awesome that it has text alerts. We set a 'happy time' 70-83 degrees and if the temperature goes out of that range it texts both my husband and I. We are no longer worried about the pups we have in the camper. I am very happy with this purchase!!!



Nicely done.. the best thing i like is how fast it sends an alert when the temperature goes out of range.. i could even set up the alerts to go to me and my family -in case i missed any one of my family members can respond to the situation.. I like the way the app is designed to make it easy for dog owners to check the temperature. There are tons of blogs/guides for dogs that you can access from the app directly… very happy with it so far...

Homeowner In Austin


I will use this monitor in my car and my rv. My husband will not go anywhere without his dog and I always worry about leaving him, even with the car running. I am not a techy person and the support team was wonderful in helping me get the monitor set up. What peace of mind!

Antoinette Elliott


excellent product!!! we like to take the 5th wheeler to nice rv resorts in Florida and explore theme parks, ect... our yorkie loves to come and stay in the 5th wheeler while we are out. this offers constant peace of mind on the inside temp. easy to use app. no wi fi to worry about, it uses Verizon.

Jim L.


We used the pet monitor while camping at Fort Wilderness in 112 degree weather this past July 4th. The device works awesome. We are VERY VERY happy with this purchase.

Peter Vescovo


I will use this monitor in my car and my rv. My husband will not go anywhere without his dog and I always worry about leaving him, even with the car running. I am not a techy person and the support team was wonderful in helping me get the monitor set up. What peace of mind! One person found this helpful



We travel with our bulldogs in our RV. Flat faced dogs are especially sensitive to heat and humidity, and leaving them was always a worry. Now we have peace of mind that we will be notified if power goes out, or temp rises while we’re out exploring the area. Priceless!! The only limitation is remote parks where cell service is not available, of course. But when it can work, this monitor works perfectly.

Amazon Customer


Good product and priceless piece of mind! Works well so far after 2 weeks of continuous use.

Methuselah Don't Surf


recently I took a road trip with my dog to the northeast and having the Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor with me made a huge difference knowing I could run into a rest stop for 5 minutes - that it would text me if the temperature changed. Big peace of mind during the road trip. And I love the sign that I put on my steering wheel saying, that the pet is protected by a temperature-controlled monitor too. Everyone with a dog that travels with a car needs one of these, and especially every K9 police car too.



I like the warnings via text! Was slightly off real temperatures by 1-2 degrees. I am happy with the purchase.

Maryann Distefano