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Keep Your
Furry Friend Safe!

Protect them against temperature extremities 24/7

Keep Your
Furry Friend Safe!

Protect them against temperature extremities 24/7


Don’t Let this Happen to Your Dog

Every year, hundreds of dogs die or are seriously affected by heatstroke after being left alone in RVs or cars. It can take less than 30 minutes for an RV to reach unbearable levels of heat on a hot day, and even less time to reach freezing on a cold day.

Do not take the risk with your loved one, use a Pet Monitor to keep an eye on the Temperature, Humidity and more.


Waggle Pet Monitor

Waggle RV Pet Temperature Monitor works via built-in Verizon 4G cellular data to monitor Temperature and alert you via App, Text & Email about any potentially unsafe conditions for your pet in an RV, Car, or Home. No Wi-Fi is needed.

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All Features! No Hassle.

Keep your pet comfortable and safe when you’re away. Get instant alert on their environment (RV/Car/Home) temperature.


Keep Your Dog Safe Anywhere The Road Leads

Keeping your dog safe is easy. Monitor temperature, heat index, humidity and more all from your phone to ensure your pet’s comfort wherever you are!

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Get Alerted, Not Alarmed!

Get instant email/sms alerts when your pet is in danger.

Temperature Alerts
Power Loss Alerts
Power Loss Alerts
Low Battery Alerts
Low Battery Alerts
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Why Is Pet Temperature Monitor Right For You?



Temperature & Humidity


Text & Email



Built-in Rechargeable



Works without






Built-in Verizon 4G



Not Just Alerts, Locate Your Pet/RV with

Pet Monitor 4G (GPS)


Ensure Your Dog's Safety with

Pet Monitor 4G Lite


Must have product for all RVers & Pet Parents!

Nicely done.. the best thing i like is how fast it sends an alert when the temperature goes out of range.. i could even set up the alerts to go to me and my family -in case i missed any one of my family members can respond to the situation.. I like the way the app is designed to make it easy for dog owners to check the temperature. There are tons of blogs/guides for dogs that you can access from the app directly… very happy with it so far..

Scottie Groomer

Life saver for your pet

I HIGHLY recommend this product. I have a travel trailer and I travel with three furbabies. One night we lost power and the temperature inside quickly rose. I realized that if that had happened when I was gone I could have lost my babies. I bought this system and it has been a lifesaver. I’ve gotten several alerts when the temperature rose to the limit i had set. I was able to go home and take care of the problem.


Keeps peace of mind!

I’m using my Waggle Pet Monitor in my RV to keep my four legged child safe and cool in Florida if we have to leave her in the RV. What a great product in EVERY way. Best decision and most important one I’ve made since we started using our RV.


A Simple Device to Save a Life

As I travel ALOT for work and play with my dogs... Their safety is at the forefront of my travel plans. I always make to to safely crate my dogs while traveling and now never leave home without my Waggle Pet Monitor hooked up. It offers me the peace of mind while either on the road or in the camper that my dogs are safe. The text notifications about the temperature allow me perform the various dog sports we compete in without worrying about the other dogs still inside. It is one of the best investments in my dog's safety I have ever made.

Binte Chuka